Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

One, is that there is a pill for every symptom. It's everything you can eat that is not protein or fat. You do this by following a few simple rules. However, crappy, artificial, man made fats that only exist for the food producers desire for long term storage and profit will really screw up your body.That hormone is glucagon.So, let's talk about how to reverse diabetes naturally, that is to say, without medications.Well, first of all.Great fats are from avocados, fish, olives and coconut and the oils that are derived from them.Good things nutritionally, like fruit and grain and underground root vegetables have the potential to rapidly elevate your blood sugar
It is very inflammatory and causes damage to your eyes, your limbs and your kidneys.So why is the information about how to reverse diabetes naturally not well known and applied? The implications here are obvious.In my opinion, there is a 3 pronged approach that when used together is very powerful in gradually guiding your body back to a normal state.How do you do this?It's because there is no money to be made in giving you the information to empower yourself to be healthy.In natural healthcare approaches, you have to get rid of a couple of notions that are absolutely pervasive in western allopathic medicine.
lways eat protein at every meal and snack.You would guess that to engage in how to reverse diabetes naturally, you would have to give up your love affair with sugar.This treats the underlying cause not the sign/symptom.I know this article was a bit long but there is a boatload of information for you to know if you you want to learn how to reverse diabetes naturally. Let me make this easy.It will in itself slow the rush of glucose but even more importantly stimulates a hormone that works in opposition to insulin.However, the treatments to reverse diabetes naturally, concentrate on lowering high insulin levels which then will lower the blood sugar levels.Arm yourself with knowledge so that you don't end up wondering why your type 2 diabetes is not getting better or going away while you pop pills or inject insulin.I believe it is the latter.And you would be right!There is a ton of money to be made in the selling of diabetic medications.Make sure that you eat far more fibrous carbs than non fibrous carbs.And quite a bit of them.
But there is more.So part of the strategy involves being aware of that you need to slow down the rush of glucose into your blood.A key point is gradually.I think the emphasis is what you eat first, how you exercise second and what supplements third.You see, type 2 diabetes has elevated blood sugar as the sign in your body that is the most ballyhooed by the the medical pharmaceutical complex.In fact, some experts claim that type 2 diabetes alone will bankrupt the entire US healthcare system in the next 10 years.Sure, elevated blood sugar is nasty.I didn't even cover the other 2 prongs.Don't eat packaged food!And remember, the heart of the information on how to reverse diabetes naturally is about getting your insulin levels low.All of the elements of this 3 pronged approach work towards one thing: lower your insulin levels.Another, is impatience, because your body didn't get this way overnight and it is foolish to assume the treatments will work overnight.
Obviously, something is unknown about type 2 diabetes or, is not being applied.Eating fat does not make you fat, carbs do!Knowledge is power.I will in a future article.And I 'm talking real Eat great fats.What does that mean?You figure out what to eat, how to exercise and what natural herbs and supplements to take.Is there not an unbelievable amount of info about all of these things especially with the internet info explosion today?They are putting the emphasis on the wrong thing.Fruit juice which has fructose in it, pop and artificial sweeteners make it impossible to regain control of you insulin levels.
I can definitely help here as I see clients and patients in my naturopathic and nutritional practice every week.Sugar is super addictive and time after time I have seen that if the person can weather the storm of craving for about a week, it becomes much less of an issue.What are the names of those fats you should avoid: any thing that starts with the words hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated plus soy, rapeseed, and cottonseed.It is well known that type 2 diabetes is increasing in this country, not decreasing.Yeah, overt sugar consumption(candy bar) will lead you down this path but really anything that quickly elevates your blood sugar will.

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